Hotel "Kazakhstan" is a unique historic monument of Almaty and a sample of monumental, solid and reliable Soviet architecture . Hotel "Kazakhstan" is one of the few hotels in the world  which has become an integral part of the city.

The first skyscraper in the quake prone Almaty was being built almost for  three years to be  completed in 1977 . Despite  impressive size of 102 –meter the  golden crowned building  looks light and graceful. From 1977 to 2008, the hotel was  the highest building in Almaty. To ensure the sustainability of the building in  9 -point seismic zone when constructing they applied then the most modern  Japanese sliding  formwork technology.
Shortly before the completion of the construction the building was thoroughly tested for the quake resistance.  A special equipment installed on the top of the building vibrated to simulate an earthquake  and the  special sensors fixed on the floors recorded the tremors . The building  repeatedly proved to be seismic resistant. By a mysterious coincidence a banquet to mark the  commissioning of the  Hotel which was attended by architects, builders was held on the New Year's eve on the top floor and  the same night there was an earthquake in the city, which was very strongly felt on the upper floors, but the building withstood and did not suffer.
Without belittling the merits of the new buildings , Almaty  architects with no doubt  admit  hotel "Kazakhstan" is the most earthquake-proof high-rise building of the southern capital . The architectural individuality of the hotel combines the achievements of modern civilization with the traditional hospitality of the Kazakh people.
The Kazakhstan Hotel staff is always very kind to guests . That is why it has almost  become home for many pop stars and sportsmen. Leo  Leshchenko , Anna Herman , Sofia Rotaru , Vakhtang Kikabidze are frequent guests of the Hotel . And Alla Pugacheva even has   her  favorite floor which is the  25th . She always books the entire  floor for herself and her team. And even Pierre Richard was fascinated with the Hotel.. A group  " Yalla " , was  often accommodated in this hotel , and  loved to give "live" concerts for Hotel “Kazakhstan” staff.
Also one of the important historical factors is that in the nineties years the hotel "Kazakhstan" used to be the only place in town that served hamburgers.